Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fashion Week PrepTime: Getting ready for takeoff #9

It's been a great weekend getting more stuff sorted out and planned. We feel like the planets are alining more or less at our pace, we could not have asked for more.

This week our upcoming (25th of January!) fashion show and one day pop-up shop was even mentioned in the Volkskrant Magazine (the magazine that comes with the Saturday Volkskrant newspaper). It was referred to as part of a whole story on the pop-up shop phenomenon in which they gave some tips of shops about to pop-up. Big thank you to the VK, we really appreciate that! If you want to read the full article (in Dutch), you can check it out on our site (direct link will follow soon).

To get you in the mood here's a tune from a band from the 70ties called 'SPACE', we would love to get our hands on record sleeves from this band. Their outfits look incredibly promising. Just like the ladies in this b/w photograph rocking another space inspired look from back in the day.

Goodbye SPACE SUNDAY, get ready for an over the moon Monday!

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