Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fashion Week PrepTime: Getting ready for takeoff #13

Space is the place: goodies and DISCOUNT all around!

If you plan on shopping at our pop-up shop at the MC Theater upcoming Wednesday 25th of January, we want to give you some special attention. Here's a discount voucher, print it, bring it and upon presentation you will receive an additional 10% discount on all tag prices (voucher is only valid in our pop-up shop this Wednesday!).

The purchases you make on this day, you will be able to carry home in one of these limited edition JUTKA & RISKA hand customized space bags. Those who spend €10,- or more will receive a JUTKA & RISKA giveaway and if you spend over €15,- you also get a Club Manhattan goodie...

It's been crazy busy at the Modefabriek TRASH & TREASURES spot today. Time flew by, we did not even have time to walk around and have a look for ourselves! Hopefully we can manage to do a small inspiration stroll past all the talented young designers presenting their new collection at the Modefabriek. If so, we will take some pics to share it with you, we know you love great fashion just like we do ;-) Until tomorrow!